As summer draws closer, the prospect of spending time in the garden appeals to all. Many of us love to make the use of the garden to host BBQs, play outdoors with the children and to soak up the summer sunshine, but the hard work of tending to the backyard is enough to put us off. However, with an artificial lawn, you have all the joys of a beautifully maintained garden with none of the effort.

For many years, artificial grass had a bad reputation, it felt scratchy and looked fake, invoking images of painful astroturf football pitches. Nowadays, premium grade artificial grass has changed that, bringing you a beautiful lawn that is truly realistic and hard wearing, perfect for entertaining, relaxing and playing.

Sussex Artificial Grass have partnered with Royal Grass, a premium grade and high-quality artificial grass supplier to bring artificial grass to lawns across Sussex and the South of England. Royal Grass delivers exceptional quality and an incredibly realistic look, so your guests and neighbours will marvel at how well you keep your lawn and your amazing gardening prowess.

Not only do Sussex Artificial Grass supply to finest quality artificial grass to their customers across Brighton and the rest of the Sussex region, but they also have a team of installation experts and are managed by an experienced and exception garden design team. Sussex Artificial Grass put pride into beautiful garden design, and the professionally trained team will ensure that your garden and the new artificial lawn looks at its best.

The benefits of artificial grass are endless, but some of the best benefits include;

  • No need for watering
  • Eco-friendly choice: save water and no need for fertilisers
  • Looks good all year round
  • Beautifully green and inviting
  • Cost-effective – no maintenance required

With Sussex Artificial Grass, you can be sure of an experienced professional garden design team who will ensure a quality lawn that has a UV warranty of up to 11 years.

At Blue Monkey Web, we were fortunate to design and develop the brand new website for Sussex Artificial Grass which you can find here: If you’re considering artificial grass in your garden, visit their website and call their friendly team to find out how they can help you.

If you like the look of their website and want something similar for your own business, then get in touch with the Blue Monkey Web team where we will be happy to create a bespoke website that meets your needs.