Project Description

Niko Ltd – Corporate Website Design

Project Brief

We were provided with a basic outline design for the project and were required to develop the functionality for the site. We created a fully bespoke application to include Sage accounts integration, content management, E-Commerce, payment gateway integration and custom analytics.

The Challenge

Due to the unique nature of the proposed site a fully bespoke solution was required in order to meet the needs of the client. The main challenges were to present a complex application in a simple and easy to use manner. The site also needed to integrate with the in-house Sage accounts system in order to manage orders and products.

The Solution

Firstly we gave the client access to our online project management system. This allowed us to keep them up to date as the site progressed as well as inform them of anything we required during the development. We developed the site using PHP / MySQL  and set up a dedicated server for maximum performance

PHP Development
MySQL Development

Conceptual Design Samples