Not got a blog on your website?

Then you’re missing out and here’s why.

Search engine rankings!

If you don’t have a blog on your website then you could be jeopardizing your search engine rankings. Why? Google loves fresh, unique and engaging content. Gone are the days when you could simply purchase a load of poor backlinks and fill your site with keywords to get a high ranking.  It is now all about content marketing.

This isn’t to say link backs are obsolete, just you must provide quality content to link back to.

The rise of content marketing

For many professional SEO companies the shift to content marketing has caused a lot of stress. A lot of the rigid lineated SEO techniques that used to work no longer have the desired effect they used to. SEO techniques now have a broader channel to work with

Good quality content is a fantastic marketing strategy, after all as long as you can write it’s basically free! Comparing with other services such as buying backlinks and you can see why it makes good economic sense.

And this doesn’t even take in to account the positive effect on conversion rates and other similar benefits. Good content is also far more robust to algorithm changes than any other technique; a great piece of writing that helps or engages users is likely to rank well long term.

But what if I don’t have anything to write about?

I can’t imagine that to be the case as most businesses will always have something to say, but if it really is a problem and you have some spare cash it may be worthwhile employing the services of a freelance copywriter. Make sure you hire someone who can relate your business to the current trends impacting your industry and will have interesting things to say. Sites such as SFEP will allow you to find industry specific copywriters with their areas of expertise.

Alternatively why not teach people about something? Tutorials are a great way to showcase your knowledge, product and business as well as really helping people.

How to make content marketing work for you

When writing content for your blog you need to think about two different angles, firstly your target audience and secondly search engines. This might sound like a tricky prospect but search engines are now getting much closer to mimicking human behaviour so that all you really need to concentrate on is producing relevant and engaging content to your target audience.

Once you have written some great posts then it’s time to publish them on your social media accounts for maximum exposure.

Maintaining your search engine exposure

Written some fantastic content for your website? Well done, you’ve improved your search engine rankings and built a wider audience base. However the crux of content marketing is ensuring there is a consistent flow of new content. When fresh content appears, it will rank higher on the search engine results page and thus the cycle continues.

What are you waiting for?