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Who we are

Founded in 2002, Blue Monkey is a highly experienced and creative web design and development agency who specialise in bespoke and individually tailored solutions. We offer a personal and friendly service that many larger companies lack, whilst still being able to deliver world class results. We are a small team of creative and talented individuals who thrive on producing successful websites with powerful impact. We believe that to create a successful website that continues to deliver results requires an on-going partnership with our clients. As a testament to the quality of service that we provide most of our work is obtained through client referrals and recommendations.

We are based in Brighton UK and serve clients across the UK and internationally If you like the look of what we do then why not get in touch?

Our unique service

We believe that successful websites require four essential elements, creative design, engaging and thoughtful copywriting,  ongoing SEO and regular content creation. That’s why we include all of these elements in our standard service.

We wont leave you in the dark.

Using our years of knowledge and experience we will fully manage and maintain your website. We’ll provide fresh content, ongoing support and SEO. We’ve partnered with Hero SEO to provide world class SEO and provide top rankings to our clients. We will also create regular blog posts for you and spread the word on social media to ensure your online presence is a success and ranks well in the search engines. Sit back and relax, let us take care of your website.

Creative Design

Engaging experiences

We create engaging user experiences and creative designs that are beautiful and easy to use. We’ll make sure your website stands out from the rest of the competition.


An expert team

Our expert copywriters will create thoughtful, engaging and captivating content for your users. If you supply your own content we’ll read it through and offer our advice.



We know what it takes to get our client’s websites to the top of the search engines, let us take care of SEO so that you can focus on your business and reaping the rewards.

Ongoing Support

We'll take care of you.

With our ongoing support we take care of every aspect of your website. We’ll even create and publish new blog posts for you for some SEO love.

Recent Projects

Making something beautiful is the essence of what most designers want to achieve. While you still have to balance the needs of the client or project, your end goal should always be to create something wonderful. Don’t skimp any project … ever.

Our Approach

Why we are different.

Choosing someone to design and develop your website can be a daunting task, we don’t envy you! There are so many companies and individuals to choose from who all promise to create the best website for you. We believe we offer a unique service that many others don’t, won’t or cant, we don’t just create websites we create successful online businesses.

What you need.

A website should never be a one off process. To create a successful online presence your site will need to be adjusted and adapted to suit your audience over time and based on their behaviour. You’ll also need to keep your content fresh and your blog up to date to ensure your potential customers are engaged and informed as well as helping to keep your SEO in good shape.

What we give you.

We’ll design, develop and manage your site for you ensuring it reaches it’s full potential.  This saves you time and stress trying to find a designer, a developer, a copywriter, an online marketing expert,  a server administrator and an SEO expert to work on your site. We can also provide a much more effective service as all of this is provided in house by our own expert team. The only thing you have to worry about is concentrating on running your business.

Content is king

If you want your site to get noticed, then you need great content. Gone are the days when all you needed was a nice looking site and a bunch of backlinks to get your website ranked on the major search engines. Nowadays, you need a great design and excellent content to match.

But I’m no writer you say.

That’s where we come in, our content writers are experts in creating unique and compelling content for your site, ensuring that your visitors are engaged and that the  search engines are happy.

Having a website with great content separates you from the masses of other websites out there and ensures that the right message gets across. The primary success of your website will be based on the content that you provide to your visitors. All of the other aspects of your website are secondary to your content.

A great design alone will not help sell your products or services.

Your website content should start with a strategic plan and proper market research. You need to determine who your customers are and how best to target them. At Blue Monkey Web, we do this for our clients by the use of personas.  A persona is a character based on actual target demographic groups of the website. Typical characteristics we use for a persona include:


  • age
  • gender
  • education
  • occupation
  • location
  • employment status


  • personality
  • interests
  • lifestyle
  • attitudes
  • behaviour patterns
  • mentality
  • environment
  • values

Using this data helps us determine the audience for the website and makes sure that everything we do for our clients is targeted correctly.

Should I write my website content myself ?

Because great content is so important to your website it’s usually best to use a professional copywriter for your content but that doesn’t mean you need to be kept out of the loop. Our copywriters work closely with you in order to determine the correct voice and details for your products or services.

So the design of my website isn’t that important ?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

First impressions count, research shows that you have around 1-5 seconds to retain your visitor and this doesn’t come from a page full of text. Firstly, you need to attract your customer so that they are willing to spend time reading your content.

This is where the design and appearance of your website are key. It creates the right first impression, engages the visitor and captures their attention, inspiring them to continue to delve deeper into your website.

Effective website design works symbiotically with your content, enhancing your message and strengthening your brand, philosophy and ideas and allowing your customers to connect with your website, and your business, on a deeper level.

A great website design is more than just a site that looks good.  We have to make sure we factor in all of the important design aspects ranging from the psychology of the colours used, the accessibility requirements, typography and screen resolutions to make sure your users are excited and engaged.

The importance of having great website content

Publishing good content on your website has many advantages including helping to boost your search engine optimisation. Having great content will help more people will find your website through the search engines as search engines love fresh and unique content. It’s important to update and add to your content regularly with informative news and captivating blog posts and for this again, our copywriters are here to help you every step of the way.

Let us look after your website so that you can look after your business.

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